Wing Sites

Q. I understand that Google Sites is a part of the Google Apps roll-out for the Ohio Wing. My unit would like to have a website and was wondering how Google Sites could help us. What do we need to do?
A. Using Google Sites to have a basic website that anyone in your unit can maintain is very easy; in fact, this help website was created in and is hosted by Google Sites. First, submit a help request with some basic information about your unit (name, location, meeting times, etc) and a list of members who should have the ability to author your website. Ohio Wing IT will then create the basic site for you and help you edit and maintain the site for you.

Q. I would like to set up a website to support a local politician, political view, or for personal use; is this permissible using the Ohio Wing's Google Sites account?
A. No. The Ohio Wing's Google Sites cannot be used to support any politician, political view, or for personal use. Any site found to be in violation of this will be removed.

Q. If my unit hosts a website on Google Sites, what would the website address be? Can it be customized?
A. There are two ways to refer to your site on Google Sites. The first is by the purchase of a domain name such as (purchased at the expense of the unit) and would point to the website as hosted by Google Sites under the Ohio Wing Google Apps account. The second method would be a DNS alias in the format of; groups would have the DNS alias of Both methods require that Ohio Wing IT make changes to the Wing's DNS records in order to accommodate the website. Please submit a help request for further assistance.

Q. My unit has a website hosted by a third-party; does the site have to move to Google Sites?
A. No, units are not required to use Google Sites; they are free to host their website wherever they wish.

Q. Can I have a Ohio Wing DNS alias for my event or other non-Unit, non-Group website?
A. All requests for DNS aliases are evaluated by the Ohio Wing IT staff, but events should typically be hosted under the sponsoring unit's website rather than being a separate site and DNS alias. Please submit a help request and the Wing IT staff will evaluate the request.

Q. My unit has a domain name and would like to utilize our domain name for e-mail; can Wing Sites and Wing E-mail support this?
A. Yes, it is possible to associate with your corresponding Wing E-mail account. Please submit a help request and the Wing IT team will evaluate the request to determine if the request can be fulfilled with the existing infrastructure. 

Q. Does Wing Sites offer domain name registration?
A. No, Wing Sites does not offer domain name registration. Domain names must be purchased from a third-party domain registrar.